Retail Worlds: Jens Saltin

Jens Saltin is Head of Expansion at Klarna, an online checkout solution and payments provider that aims to simplify buying for consumers and retailers

Retail Systems: How did you get into the technology sector?
Jens Saltin: To be honest I changed from banking to tech entirely based on the product that we deliver and the added value it holds for both retailers and consumers. Basically, I really love the product and want to spread the word about it to just as many as I possibly can.

RS: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
JS: Actually it is not a Who that has influenced my career, it is a What, the book Seven Habits. It is by far the single most influencing thing I have come across, and it has changed a lot in how and also why I do things, both on a personal and professional level. Read it!

RS: Who in the sector inspires you and why?
JS: Our CEO and founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski is the single most inspiring person I have ever met, and he is also one of the top reasons why I work here.

RS: Which IT professional do you most admire?
JS: Depends on what you mean with "IT professional", but in a broader context I will have to answer Sebastian again.

RS: Is there anything that you dislike or that frustrates you about the sector?
JS: I think the lack of and the fight for really great developers will continue to be a problem for some years to come.

RS: What technology can't you live without?
JS: Easy, my iPhone.

RS: How do you relax?
JS: I am really bad at relaxing, but when I do I love to travel the globe. I try to stay as still as I can for a few days in the sun somewhere warm, preferably with some friends and with a cold beer in my hand.

RS: What was your last retail experience both online and on the High Street and were they positive experiences?
JS: Online: I bought a pair of shoes on and the experience was 10/10 (as they have just launched with Klarna in the UK). High Street: Spent the better part of a day running around town trying to find a particular sweater in an unnamed High Street brand that does not have a great online presence, to say the least.

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